Study in Turkey

Cost of Living in Turkey for foreign students

with a little smart financial management and small changes in your old lifestyle, you can reduce your costs to very affordable levels. In general, the cost of living for international students in Turkey is quite affordable, and the monthly food and social life expenses for a person, excluding accommodation, vary between 100-150 dollars.

Accommodation expense is the biggest financial concern you will have to deal with while studying in Turkey. However, there are many options for you, and although the cost of rent varies (mainly depending on the location of the apartment), in general it cannot be said to be very expensive.In big metropolises such as Istanbul and Izmir, the monthly rent of 2-bedroom houses varies between 200-300 dollars. You can find someone with whom you can share the room to lighten your financial burden, and this will reduce half of your expenses. In Turkey, the cost of food, activities, public transportation and other similar goods and services is not high.

Free Education in Turkey goverment universities 

Often described as a land of ideas and opportunities, Turkey is one of the most sought-after study destinations among international students for access to free education at public universities in Turkey.

Studying in Turkey for free is one of the most important factors that puts Turkey on the global education map because there are many international students who want to study in Turkey Most State-funded universities in Turkey offer free higher education programs. However, some highly specialized private universities may charge tuition fees. Applicants are only required to pay a small administrative fee at the beginning of each year upon admission to a State University in Turkey. 

In Turkey, as of October 2014, all state universities nationwide have been asked to remove tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Almost all universities in Turkey are state-owned educational institutions and offer candidates the same advantage, even as an international candidate, with no tuition fees.